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Treat Your Pup to a Spa Day at These San Diego Dog Groomers

When you want to pamper your pup, San Diego dog groomers have you covered. They offer everything from haircuts to nail trims and nice warm baths. The groomers near our Mission Valley apartments include:

South Bark Dog Wash 

Locally owned, the South Bark Dog Wash offers pups a home away from home. It’s known for its famous blueberry facials, and the friendly staff treats each pet as if it’s their own. Book your furry companion for The Dirty Dog. This service features a deodorizing shampoo, color brightener, chrome conditioner, and more. It’s perfect for after a morning at the Grape Street Dog Park around the corner. Along with grooming, the shop also provides dog training. Professionals lead every class, and the sessions are fun for dogs and humans alike. 

Dunk ‘N Dogs 

Dunk ‘N Dogs offers both grooming and self-service dog washing services. The shop is one of the best San Diego dog groomers providing natural and holistic services. They get to know their clients and always stay current on the latest trends and techniques to keep your pup looking stylish. In addition, they believe in helping the community. That’s why Dunk ‘N Dogs offers discounts to military members, rescue organizations, and foster caregivers. Services include full-service washes, full-body grooming, and teeth brushing. Before booking an appointment, be sure and check out the promotions. 

Top Dog Wash & Groom 

At Top Dog, the trained groomers take pride in what they do. They offer breed-specific cuts and pamper each pet from start to finish. Try the Bath and Tidy service. Your canine will enjoy a haircut, brush out, nail trim, and more. You can easily schedule an appointment online. 

San Diego dog groomers will have your pup looking and feeling great in no time. When your furry friend needs food or a comfortable new bed, head to a nearby pet store. Finally, if you would like to call West Park home, please contact us. Our leasing team will show you everything our pet-friendly apartments in San Diego have to offer. 

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