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West Park’s Picks for the Best San Diego Pizzerias

If you’ve got a hankering for quality, hometown pizza, these pizza joints have got your back. Pick up takeout from some of the best San Diego pizza shops or have it delivered to our Mission Valley apartments at West Park

Chicago Bros Pizzeria

Inspired by the Windy City’s famous pizza, Chicago Bros Pizzeria crafts deep-dish pies. If thick crust isn’t what you’re looking for, they also offer classic thin-crust pizzas. Try their Green Earth or the Pepperoni Amore, and if you think pineapple belongs on pizza, give the Hawaiian a try. Whatever toppings you choose, don’t forget to add a sweet, crunchy cannoli for dessert. Check out their online menu and have your dinner delivered to our Mission Valley apartments with the click of a mouse.

Red House Pizza

Red House Pizza¬†offers San Diego style pizzas for every kind of foodie. Their vegan and gluten-free menus are safe for special dietary needs, but they don’t skimp on quality or flavor. Red House is committed to providing the best San Diego pizzas for every palate and dietary need. If you’re vegan, take advantage of their vegan Wednesday deal. Order your meal online and have it delivered within the hour.


Translated from “today” in Italian, Oggi’s focuses on fresh ingredients and enjoying the moment. Every pizza made includes fresh dough and hand-cut toppings. From pizza and pasta to burgers and fries, Oggi’s offers a little of everything. You can even order from their breakfast menu on the weekends. Try a classic pepperoni pizza or opt for their unique blackened shrimp or loaded baked potato pizzas. Order online and have it delivered right to our San Diego apartments.

Add a dash of class to your pizza night, and cruise the halls of the San Diego Museum of Art from your couch. When you’re ready to explore apartments in San Diego, be sure to contact us to make West Park your next home.

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