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Break Out Your Sleuthing Skills at a Scavenger Hunt in San Diego

For a fun afternoon on the town, enjoy a scavenger hunt in San Diego. You will learn more about San Diego’s best attractions and face challenges as you try to answer tough questions along the way. The best scavenger hunts near our Mission Valley apartments include:

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt 

If you enjoy a challenging whodunit, don’t miss the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. As you make your way through Old Town, you will need to use your sleuthing skills to reveal a murderer. Teams start with a briefing at the Coyote Cafe. Before conducting your investigation, you’ll receive a list of suspects and a packet full of twisted riddles and tricky clues. Up to 11 teams can compete at once, and the average completion time is just under four hours. 

Riddle Routes 

Riddle Routes invites everyone to come “explore, solve, and discover” at this scavenger hunt in San Diego. You will learn about local history as you meander through Heritage Park and Old Town. Along the way, you’ll discover spooky sights, hideaways, and scenic views. Each riddle will guide you along the course and lead you back to the start. Be sure your phone is fully charged, and remember to bring a notebook.


Use the FrogQuest app to complete daring, interactive photo challenges. This scavenger hunt is full of fun and takes between two and three hours. Challenges may include capturing a teammate holding a whole fish and photographing the entire team jammed into a small space. You can track your progress against the other groups, and the judges will award points for every photo you submit. 

A scavenger hunt in San Diego is a fun way to use your problem-solving skills while spending the day outdoors. For another local activity, enjoy birdwatching at local parks. Finally, if you are searching for a new place to call home, please contact us. We will offer a tour of West Park, where you can see our San Diego pet-friendly apartments firsthand.

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