Star of India Sailboat at harbor | Maritime Museum of San Diego

Visit the Grand Ships of the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Not far from our Mission Valley apartments is a fascinating destination featuring one of the finest collections of historic ships found anywhere around the globe. We’re talking about the Maritime Museum of San Diego, one of the world’s top three boat museums. Here is some of what you can discover during your visit:

San Diego’s Navy 

The only exhibit of its type, San Diego’s Navy showcases the history of the United States Navy within the city. It starts with the arrival of the “Great White Fleet” over a century ago, and it highlights how San Diego has become the largest naval base in the Pacific. The display includes hundreds of artifacts, models, and rare photographs. 

Star of India 

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is home to the Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship. Built in 1863, she launched five days before President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. The ship sailed around the world an impressive 21 times and once got trapped in ice in Alaska. Today, the Star of India continues to sail in the ocean with a volunteer crew.

Tall Ship Adventure Aboard the Californian  

Finally, don’t miss enjoying a four-hour adventure aboard the Californian. It’s California’s official tall ship and was modeled after a Gold Rush era revenue cutter. During the journey, the knowledgeable crew will share fun facts about the history of sailing in San Diego. They’ll also discuss sea battles, life at sea, and much more. You can easily book your ticket online (includes museum admission), and boarding starts at 11:30 a.m.

After exploring the Maritime Museum of San Diego, grab a casual lunch with some of the best spicy chicken sandwiches in town. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, please contact us. We would love to show you our West Park apartments firsthand.

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