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Sign Up for a Book Club in San Diego

If you’re craving a new literary adventure, explore the pages of a book at a virtual gathering.

Check out these great book clubs based in San Diego, yet hosted online, from our Mission Valley Apartments.

San Diego Public Library

The San Diego Library offers many unique virtual book clubs that you can join. These groups cater to a variety of reading tastes, from mysteries to modern classics and others. Meet weekly online to read and discuss the current book selection. These clubs offer a pleasant environment to explore and discuss beloved classics and modern works alike.

Local Bookstores, Local Book Clubs

Want to be in a book club and support local businesses along the way? Local shops are also hosting virtual San Diego book clubs you can join. Stores like La Playa Books, The Book Catapult, and Mysterious Galaxy offer multiple book clubs you can join with a wide variety of subjects to choose from. These clubs offer readings curated by the owners and employees of local bookstores and offer a personal connection with each store.

Keep It Casual

Check out clubs like the Silent Book Club San Diego. Online events allow you to discuss whatever books you would like with complete freedom. There’s no limit to the topics here, and it’s all local.

Our Mission Valley apartments offer the perfect setting for relaxing with a book. Contact us so you can sit back and get cozy with some local refreshments in a stunning new apartment.

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