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These San Diego Art Museums Are Offering Virtual Tours

Even from home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy San Diego’s art museums. Talented artists display their works in numerous galleries around the city. These galleries have a long history supporting the city’s artists, so it’s no wonder these digital experiences are just as popular as in-person exhibits. Take a virtual tour from the comfort of our Mission Valley apartments.

San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego Museum of Art houses a massive collection of international fine art with virtual tours of their exhibits. Register online for a free guided tour so you can learn about the SDMA’s diverse collection of art across history and cultures. Digital visitors are also welcome to take a self-guided 360-degree view inside the museum. This virtual tour allows guests to explore galleries and read about individual pieces, so visitors can learn more about each unique story.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary art has shifted to a digital platform in an effort to connect patrons to a diverse collection of artists. Visitors can continue to read and learn about numerous exhibits and collections of contemporary art. The audience can also view behind-the-scenes conversations with artists. Tune in to the fascinating dialogue as they describe pieces and their approach to creativity.

Museum of Photographic Arts

With so many San Diego art museums to choose from, it’s easy to find something for everyone. Specializing in photography and film, The MOPA offers a wide-ranging collection of visual art. Visitors can view digital exhibits of modern photography while learning about efforts to preserve this classic art style. Be sure to browse their events page to stay up to date with their virtual event schedule.

Take a digital tour of our San Diego art museums for a unique opportunity to enjoy our city’s classic and contemporary arts in a fun, virtual environment. When you’re ready to trade art for furry friends, check out the San Diego Zoo cams. Our West Park apartments live in a culturally rich community with great entertainment, food, and people. Contact us to learn more about our Mission Valley apartments.

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